Exchange database consistency check failed on exchange 2007


We have Exchange 2007 and every two days or 1 day once when the users open the outlook it get stuck in loading profile screen. On a PC that is powered on and when outlook is already opened on the PC it says the folder was last updated on at 4:00am. Does this mean there is a problem with exchange database?  and because of this the issue is happening.

I logged into the exchange server and the information was still running. We have VMware and Veeam backup are successful. .
Parallely we also run Backupassist backup and when I ran this backup, it completed with Major warnings. Please see the attached snapshot of the error.
Error BA850- Exchange database consistency check failed and a link was given to the solution.
When I click the Solution link- it takes me to the below page and unfortunately the link to the solution doesn’t work.

"For Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007
Isinteg and eseutil are tools provided natively by Microsoft for such a purpose.
Further information on these tools is located at"

ON EMC and under First Storage group we have 2 exchange database.
1)      Name: Mailbox Database
        Database File Path- D:\ ExchangeDB\Mailbox Database.edb

2)      Name: Student Mailboxes
        Database File Path- D:\ First Storage Group\StudentMAilboxes\StudentMaiboxes.edb

I checked the database file size Mailbox Database.edb = 356.52GB
                          And database file size StudentMaiboxes.edb =28GB

We are planning to migrate to 0365 in a 4 months and I have to keep the current exchange running without any problems.
Please suggest do in need to defragment the exchange database, If so can you provide me step by stem instructions  and its it safe to do this.
Any help much appreciated.
Many Thanks in advance.
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Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Rather than try to repair the current DB, I would suggest creating a new DB and moving your users over to that.

This way your users will have less down time because when you are trying to repair a DB, it will have to be offline for the entire duration.

As it stays running for a day or so, you should be able to get all mailboxes moved to the new DB.

Here is how to do repairs on your current DBs.
lianne143Author Commented:
There are total of 800 users it will time consuming to move the users. I can get a downtime of do have a downtime of 48 hours.
Marshal HubsEmail ConsultantCommented:
Here is how you can repair your corrupt exchange database:
SysToolsData Expert - Recovery,Backup,MigrationCommented:
To defrag the Exchange Database, you can follow the follows the stepwise step instruction from below link. But Eseutil defrag cannot be run when the database is not in a consistent state.

How to Defragment Exchange using Eseutil /D Command:

Since Database Change from Healthy State to "Inconsistent State" and some reasons that Set Exchange Server is in Inconsistent State are given in

 and if your database is not in Consistent State then due to Corruption or another issue, then you need to fix that first. If Exchange Database is damaged or corrupt then you can for Systools Exchange Recovery Tool, equipped with Advance scanning option to fix the corrupt database.  

Visit the Official site to know more in detail:

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