Make last slide of PPT 2010 presentation stay on screen.

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In the attached PPT 2010 presentation, I want all slides to go to the next slide after 10 seconds, but I want the last slide to stay on screen until I end my speech. How do I do that?

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I do this kind of thing in slide sorter view, but you can do it slide by slide if you want.

On the Transitions tab, set the advance after XXX time to 10 seconds for the slides you want to advance automatically. For the last slide, leave this "after" setting unchecked.

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Since you're using PPT 2010, is there any reason you're saving as PPT? You should be using the PPTX format. I made the transition timing change and saved as PPT, but it would be better to save as PPTX. I may have rendered your org charts un-editable by saving as PPT.


This is great, and just what I needed. How do I accept your answer and give you points? All I see is "Was this Helpful?"
LOL, I have no idea how to accept an answer! Hopefully someone who knows will see this and let us know. :-)
Thank you!

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