Setting up a 3rd temporary Windows DNS server

What would be the best way to setup a temporary Windows DNS server?  I currently have 2 dns servers, but this 3rd server I want to test with different Forwarders.  I have the 3rd server ready to go, just not sure how I should bring the zones over from the current DNS servers.  I thought I would follow this article, except I would not decommission the current DNS server.  Is this the best way to setup a temp DNS server, or would there be a better way?
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Schnell SolutionsSystems Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Hello Brian,

If you are able to communicate both of your DNS servers at the same time (for a temporally time or permanent), you can handle it using zone transfers. It is a standard process that can work between different DNS arquitectures (i.e. Windows with Linux).

Here one example of how to make this process between windows servers:
BrianAuthor Commented:
Thanks Schnell!  I use zone transfer to update DNS on my secondary server.  It was fairly quick to setup zone transfer for this 3rd DNS server, and the nice thing is, it will get updates automatically.  It's only temporary, but at least I won't have to update it manually if we make changes during this testing.
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