HP Procurve Switch


Does anybody know where I can obtain the following ?

- A HP Procurve emulator - the same as as packet tracer is for Cisco kit

- A proven step by step network solution. i.e flat network that requires segmentting using HP Procurve switches detailing analysis of subnets and VLANS and tagging needed, Inter VLAN routing, IP helper etc

Something along the lines of 'The Network Project with HP Switch - by B.T Ricci'

- A recommended HP Procurve training vendor
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I am trained in HP, but I don't know which training is good (it was long time ago), so, no help from me there.

Not really, Comware device is inside - H3C Cloud Lab - environment - read manual - HP Network Simulator for Comware Devices - Windows User Guide_v2.0

H3C 3
H3C 4
Emulator can be found: HP Comware Lab

I did not found ProCurve emulator so far...For the rest...I hope someone else will give you recommendation.
Hi Op

i'm Cisco trained and work on HP Procurve.
if you can configure on Packet tracer you can configure on a HP.
the Command line is very, very similar. minus the hierarchical structure (its there but not as strict)
your best way for education is direct, you should get a better price from them if not they will be helpful about it.
not sure what you mean by
"- A proven step by step network solution. i.e. flat network that requires segmenting using HP Procurve switches detailing analysis of subnets and VLANS and tagging needed, Inter VLAN routing, IP helper etc."
sounds like you want someone to talk you through configurations for a setup, I'm sure that would fall under you needing to hire someone.
if I have the wrong please correct me.

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Hi Predrag

nice link, been working on HP for 10 years never new about that.
will have a work with my account manager lol
I suspect you need to download the KB switch/router software as it seems to be a virtual environment.
Cheers Predrag :)
L-PlateAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys
You're welcome.
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