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the file log filled the disk

I have been reviewing a database server that we have here and I see that Disk C, where the SQL Server is installed, is with 0 bytes available.

I have navigated through all the folders and I have noticed that the "Log" folder weighs 223 GB and inside that folder there are thousands of dump .mdmp files, I know that the dump files are generated when there is a problem in the server, so I started to find out on the internet and in a forum they mentioned that it could be that a database is corrupt, so I consulted the table sys.messages and found a suspicious error:

"An inconsistency was detected during an internal operation in database '%. * Ls' (ID:% d) on page% S_PGID. Please contact technical support." with the code 5242,

On the internet they mention that this error code indicates database corruption but in the message they do not detail what database it is.

So I started to run a DBCC CHECKDB to all databases and all are fine, the CHECKDB does not find any error

what should I do?
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