Best approach to manage rapid 2-week cycle code development releases.

I need ideas on how to do quick development using 2 week Sprints for several developers.  We are using MVC and Code First.  I need several developers writing code in different branches with a way to keep the Main Branch always updated and keep Code First Migrations from breaking everything.

Any ideas or tips on the bests approach for rapid development?  Best approach for Branching and Managing tasks within a Team?
Crystal RouseWeb Developer/Database AdminAsked:
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Martin MillerCTOCommented:

A few suggestions:

- Frequent code merges
- Have developers write Test Cases for everything they code...  TDD (Test Driven Design).
- Are you running a daily standup meeting ?  15 to 30 minutes should be enough
- Are there assigned backlog items defined for each sprint ?
- Use timeboxing for estimation, not points...

Any other clarification, please ask.

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