Retriving data from sql server using Java/jsp

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I want help on getting data from sql server to Java/JSP page.  I am new to Java/jsp, and need some help with some sample code.

I have a stored proc. [getemployee] which is retrieving FirstName,LastName,EmailAddress. I need to use this stored proc on Java/jsp to show details on jsp page.

Thank you so much for help!
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No, it is not possible to connect to SQL Server 'directly' from browser-JavaScript.
JavaScript can "speak" HTTP and WebSockets, but SQL Server "speaks" TDS.
If you use something like ASP NET MVC, you can do it on the server side.

This is example on Java to call stoder procedure:
String SPsql = "EXEC <sp_name> ?,?";   // for stored proc taking 2 parameters
Connection con = SmartPoolFactory.getConnection();   // java.sql.Connection
PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement(SPsql);
ps.setQueryTimeout(<timeout value>);
ps.setString(1, <param1>);
ps.setString(2, <param2>);
ResultSet rs = ps.executeQuery();

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Wayne BarronAuthor, Web Developer
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I am an ASP Classic and ASP.NET (VB) developer, so, the only thing I can suggest is the following page for an example.
I, however, have not tested it out.
But, you should be able to learn something from it, to get yourself going.
This is using the JSP to connect and retrieve data from a SQL Server.
Good Luck

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