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Hello.  We have been trying to figure this out for some time now.  We have an end user who is requesting the "Bookmarks" window not open by default when opening a PDF in Adobe Acrobat XI Standard.  Have any of you experienced this before?  Is there a way to fix this and have the setting stay saved when launching Acrobat after a reboot?  Any help is appreciated.
Robert StojkovAsked:
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Tiborg GuaranaConnect With a Mentor IT beginsCommented:
In Edit> Preferences select Documents from the left hand side. The top option should be ticked (Restore last view settings...). When you deselect the bookmarks fold out so it disappears and exit, the bookmark bar should stay hidden when you reopen the document.

If it does not, it may be set in the Document Properties to open with Bookmarks.

Go to File>Properties and select the Initial View tab. There set the Navigation tab dropdown to 'Page only' and this should fix it.

Second option could be here


This could do
Tiborg GuaranaIT beginsCommented:
uSER NEVER CLOSED or reported what happened
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