Server 2016, HTTP 2 HTTPS redirect.

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Has anyone made HTTP 2 HTTPS redirection work in IIS on Server 2016?

I have a simple published app in the /RDWEB folder that I'm publishing out to users.  I have the HTTP redirect working in that the users only need to type in the URL and it redirects to /rdweb, but I'd like anyone who enters HTTP to be redirected to the HTTPS site and I'm not having any luck.

I've used HTTP redirect and put in my and that's not working (I even checked Only redirect requests to content in this directory, not subs).  No Joy.

I downloaded and installed the URL rewrite tool and made a rule to listen for and redirect to and still no joy.

I've read several web sites with various fixes, but none are working for me.  

Has anyone been successful in redirecting HTTP to HTTPS in Server 2016?


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another option is to unbind port 80 from your web and create a new web using port 80 with containing only the redirect document.
a 404 document for the new web containing the redirection too help if users open a deep-url.

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