Access 2010 Chart in Form/Report: Will it update automatically?

I see that there is an option to add a chart to a form or report.
I would like to display the numbers of orders per month in a chart (from a query).

If the data changes, will the chart object automatically change as well?
Massimo ScolaAsked:
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Anders Ebro (Microsoft MVP)Microsoft DeveloperCommented:
Browsing through records or closing the form will update the chart. In other words, the chart will update each time it is displayed, but a change made while the chart is active ON the screen already might not cause the chart to update, until the next time it is displayed.
Massimo ScolaAuthor Commented:
That's great - the issue was, that the report was opened. When I reopened it, the new data was shown.
Thanks a lot
the issue was, that the report was opened.
Good to run into this problem early in your career.  You'll see it in many situations and because an open form/report does not requery if you reopen it, you need to control the situation programatically.  When dealing with forms, I generally hide the calling form when it opens a new one.  That way, i force the user to close the second form before opening it again.  However, if you want to keep multiple forms open or want to leave the form visible when you open a report, the easiest solution is to check to see if the form/report you are about to open is already open.  If it is already open, close it.  Then open it again.
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