Folder missing in shared mailbox?

I have a folder that is missing in a shared mailbox.  Is this recoverable?  I am using Office 365.
Khodor TananaAsked:
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SysToolsData Expert - Recovery,Backup,MigrationCommented:

Thanks, @Schnell Solutions

This is a great explanation of Microsoft Office 365 Retention Policy.

I want to add up in this. @Khodor Tanana to extract Office 365 Data to PST format SysTools Office365 Backup & Restore is best option. Also, you can export all your Office 365 Mailbox items to PST/ Eml file formats and save it to your local machine, hard drive. When data is needed can easily be restored back to Office 365 tenant using this utility. So, In future, if you get any file deleted or missing just restore it back using SysTools.

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Schnell SolutionsSystems Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
I imagine that you already tried checking your deleted container folder and nothing appeared there. If you need to recheck, go to the Deleted Items folder located in the shared mailbox, and expand it (notice that folders do not appear in the central view, but they appear after expanding the "Deleted Items" conainer.

If the data is not inside the "Deleted Items" container, by default, the deleted items stay in the DB purge for 30 days. You can try recover it either from outlook (the client) or from the web (owa).

Here the example to access the purge from the new versions of Microsoft Outlook:

1. Open Outlook
2. Click your shared mailbox
3. On the menu, click: Folder > Recover Deleted Items (It is located in the cleanup area).
4. Search for the items that were located in that folder, select them and click "Recover Deleted Items".

If more than 30 days had happened, or the data was previously deleted by the purge, the only way to recover it is if "hold" or "retention" settings were manually applied (they are not enabled by default). If it is not the case, the data is not recuperable from Office365.

Another option could be to check if an old client device has not synchronized after the folder deletion, in that case, without connecting it to O365. You can extract the data from there (i.e. to a .pst).
SysToolsData Expert - Recovery,Backup,MigrationCommented:
Both expert has good suggestion so please close it.
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