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CRM for business

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Last Modified: 2018-05-16
I want to open online shop and need to use CRM platform.  Anyone can recommend good crm platforms for online bisiness?? Thanks
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"I want to open online shop and need to use CRM platform"

IMHO there is a serious lack of information. Please confirm the right option for better understanding of your needs:
1. You need just online platform - CRM.
2. You need just online platform - CMS.
3. You need to CMS and CRM platforms as a integrated solution.
4. You need CMS and CRM platforms, but integration between them is not a priority.

Also please specify some other basics (if you just need a CRM - just bolded, if CMS - all):
- Is this a new shop, or its new version?
- How many items you expect to have there?
- How many visitors you expect to have monthly?
- Do you need to have some integrations with other IT systems? If yes - which ones?
- Are you able to do all the IT job by yourself, or you need to hire some person/company?

Knowing better your point of view on this matter, should be a good start for considering system which can be right for you.

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