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Hi Everyone.
I am working on a PowerShell script to update user's department field. I have a CSV file that has the username and department field. i want to set the department of the users in the CSV based on what is in the CSV.  the script below is not working for me. any idea ?

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
$Users = Import-csv c:\Users.csv
foreach($User in $Users){
Set-ADUser $User.username -Department $User.Department
Debrata 1Asked:
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Should work just fine. Do you get error messages, and if so, which ones?
Does your csv have a header line with a column named "UserName" and one named "Department"?
Is the UserName the user's SamAccountName attribute?
Do you have enough permissions to change the department? In particular: are you running this in an elevated console?

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Debrata 1Author Commented:
Thanks! it's working. I just had to change the column names as you pointed out.
Question answered.
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