What file type are .tar.bz2 and .tar.gz ?

I'm using Windows 10, 64-bit Pro computer.

I want to download following Two files from internet to my hard disk:


These Two files should contain 'c' source code.

What are these file types?  Are they like zip files?  If yes, how do I unzip them.
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Download and use 7zip: https://www.7-zip.org/download.html
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Those are files very common in Linux.  Tarball files (the dot-tar extension) is often a single file "containing" a bunch of files.  But is not compressed.  So when Linux folks want to distribute a bunch of files as a package, they "tar" them up into a .tar file.  Then they compress that file...using bzip or gzip, which generates .bz2 or .gz files respectively.  Thus you get something.tar.gz

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Julian HansenCommented:
To answer the question - what are they?

.tar is a tarball - it is a single file made up of a bunch of files concatenated together.
.gz is a ZIP format (GNU Zip) common on most linux systems
.bz2 is also a ZIP format

The files are zipped tarballs. To open them you can use almost any Zip tool. I use WinRAR but any of the major tools should handle these formats

WinRAR => https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
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How do I go by assiging points ?
There should be buttons "best answer"/ "assisted answer" and you'll be able to adjust the points after selecting those.
This might be interesting for win10 users: the new win10 1803 release, which will be released to the public next week, allows unpacking of .tar.gz files natively in powershell. See https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/virtualization/2017/12/19/tar-and-curl-come-to-windows/

Again about the closure process: the closure wizard has changed. To your left, you'll see instructions and ann "I have my answer" button.
Julian HansenCommented:
naseeamAuthor Commented:
Nice detailed explanation of the file types.
naseeamAuthor Commented:
The system didn't allow me award points?
You can edit the points during the closure process. If you are not happy with the point distribution, you might still be able to request administrative attention using the buttons that you see.
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