Rows into Columns in Oracle

Hi Team,
Convert rows into columns

hostname parameter             value
localhost    cpu_count             16
localhost    db_unique_name sams
localhost sga_max_size           34359738368
localhost sga_target                 30064771072
localhost shared_pool_size      2147483648

I want to display as
hostname  cpu_count  db_unique_name sga_max_size   sga_target         shared_pool_size
localhost     16                sams                       34359738368   30064771072   2147483648

I tried with decode does not work , because the column values are dynamic it keeps changing. Any help is really appreciated.
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Not sure exactly what you are after but see if this is close:
with mydata as (
	select 'localhost' hostname, name parameter, value
	from v$parameter
	where name in (
select * from mydata
	pivot (
		max(value) value
		for parameter in (
			'cpu_count' as cpu_count,
			'db_unique_name' as db_unique_name,
			'sga_max_size' as sga_max_size,
			'sga_target' as sga_target,
			'shared_pool_size' as shared_pool_size

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If you are trying to create dynamic columns at query time, you cannot with simple SQL.  You would need to write code to attempt that.

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