I have application smtp server.

and I need to add an IP in smtp relay

idont know where to go in EMC
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IvanConnect With a Mentor System EngineerCommented:

if you want to relay messages via Exchange, then you need to create new receive  connector, configure it to receive messages only from ip address of that smtp server, and assign permissions.

How to:

Mohammad Ishtyaq KhatriCommented:
Go to --> Mail flow --> Receive connectors --> Select the exchange server you are providing to the Application --> add your IP into the Default front end receive connector it should work.

If you are having a name space for your relay trageting all the exchange servers. Follow the above steps for all the exchange servers. Add the IP into all Exchange servers Default front end receive connectors.

If you are using the TLS between your application and Exchange. Add the IP's to the client frontend receive connector.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
you can follow the advice of @ivan, but don't follow the suggestion of @Mohammad about adding IPs to the default connectors. look at the article @Ivan sent and that should get you setup.
Mohammad Ishtyaq KhatriCommented:
In addition to my above comment: Timgreen is right, You shouldn't be adding anything in the default connectors. That was just a head start for you to navigate into the right place in the ECP. As suggested you can follow the article provided by Ivan for a more comprehensive approach.
Read this about creating receive connectors.
How to proceed depends on how exactly is set up your exchange infrastructure and how the app server is sending emails - i.e. authenticated or not, only to to accepted domains or to the world.
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