How I "force" a Cisco AIR-AP1852I-B-K9 to Join WLC?

I have a refurbished AIR-AP1852I-B-K9 that I am trying to join to a 2500 WLC. This is number 2 of the 2   we ordered. The first one joined on its own no problem without any intervention from me, this one is being stubborn.

I keep seeing this message:

[*12/18/2017 12:50:19.8397] Discovery Request sent to X.X.X.X, discovery type STATIC_CONFIG(1)
[*12/18/2017 12:50:19.8497] Discovery Request sent to, discovery type UNKNOWN(0)

I set the first IP (capwap ap primary-base <wlc name> <wlc ip>) but do not know where the other one came from. I see the clock is off and am not sure if that is contributing to the issue or not.

I have tried just about everything I can think of including multiple factory resets, statically assigning an IP and updating code. (which failed) I am now am out of ideas unfortunately.

I can see the AP as a CDP neighbor on my switch so we make it that far. It also pulls a DHCP address. We do not use option 43 so pointing the AP to the WLC should work.The CLI is limited on these compared to what I am used to working with also.

Any ideas?
Marty LopezNetwork AdministratorAsked:
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Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:

Is the AP got IP address from DHCP?

Best regards,
Marty LopezNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Yes, it pulled an IP from the pool. We do not use option 43 so naturally I  statically assigned the controller for it to to join.
After that did not work I did a factory reset and statically assigned an IP and the controller IP.  That also failed.
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:
Ok, please try option 43, if it isn't working you need to try this checks:

 Check the Basics First
Problem 1: The controller time is outside the certificate validity interval
Problem 2: Mismatch in Regulatory domain
Problem 3: Error Message AP cannot join because the maximum number of APs on interface 2 is reached
Problem 4: With SSC APs, the SSC AP policy is disabled
Problem 5: AP authorization list enabled on the WLC; LAP not in the authorization list
Problem 6: The SSC public key-hash is wrong or missing
Problem 7: There is a certificate or public key corruption on the AP
Problem 8: The controller might be working in Layer 2 mode
Problem 9: You receive this error message on the AP after conversion to LWAPP
Problem 10: Controller receives AP discovery message on wrong VLAN (you see the discovery message debug, but not response)
Problem 11: 1250 LAP Not Able to Join WLC
Problem 12: AP Not Able to Join the WLC, Firewall Blocking Necessary Ports
Problem 13: Duplicate IP address in the network
Problem 14: LWAPP APs do not join WLC if network MTU is less than 1500 bytes
Problem 15: 1142 series LAP not joining the WLC, Error message on WLC : lwapp_image_proc: unable to open tar file
Problem 16: 1000 series LAPs not able to join the Wireless LAN controller, WLC runs version 5.0
Problem 17: LAPs with Mesh image not able to join WLC
Problem 18: Error Message - Dropping primary discovery request from AP XX:AA:BB:XX:DD:DD - maximum APs joined 6/6
Craig BeckCommented:
If the AP can't find the WLC using the static IP it will try a dynamic discovery via DHCP or DNS, if configured. If not it will do a subnet broadcast. If the AP is on the same subnet as the WLC it should join, but if the clock on the WLC is wrong it might not. You don't have to set the clock on the AP.

If you look at the AP join stats on the WLC or debug from the AP it should reveal why the join is failing.

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Marty LopezNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Turn out there was a license issue on the WLC itself, we reached max AP count.  Upon review of the logs I saw the message staring me in the face.  Thanks for the help guys!
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