App Data Redirects Between Win 7 and Win 10

We have a call center that has a mix of Win 10 and Win 7 systems and 15 different operators that will be logging into the domain on all the computers at different times. So, it’s either create all 15 profiles on each computer with their Exchange/Outlook connection info, Skype for Business profile, shortcuts etc or possibly redirect their appdata folders. If I redirect just appdata, will I need to create an separate appdata profile for Win 10 from Win 7 and it atomically creates its own version on the share?  If this works, their Outlook profiles should follow them around along with their ost and app settings correct?  Roaming profiles wouldn’t work with a mixed OS environment correct?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Appdata redirects have similar issues to roaming profiles as for compatibility so you'd want two folders and use WMI filtering to target.

Also note that not everything redirects (just like not everything roams) so in many cases the user won't get settings you'd expect. TEST FIRST.

If you can upgrade the win7 machines, you'll save yourself a lot of pain. Especially for a call center environment, consistency is key to user/employee satisfaction.
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