Sheet falls in to calculation mode when a row is selected

Hi gurus

The attached file has macros (thanks to google)  to stamp the date in Column L when a number is entered in column C. However, after the number is entered, a second click in the same cell in column C is required to stamp the date.
The sheet also have a second macro to hide a row when ''Completed'' status is entered in the Final status column(Column AA)  
My problem is, when I select an entire row, the sheet will fall in to calculation mode and I have to interrupt it by debugging or ending the action. The end result is, the date stamp is copied across into numerous cells in the same row. (You can see this in the attached file)
If I need to unhide a hidden row to see the contents, as it often happens, I have to select the rows before and after the hidden row and it initiates the calculation mode and the whole data will be corrupted.

Requesting your advice on
1) Auto stamping of date in column L  without the need of a second click.
2) Stop the auto copying of date stamp when a row is selected.
Your thoughts please

Matt MaliAsked:
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Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)Excel & VBA ExpertCommented:
Hi Matt,

Please check the attached and let me know if it is working as desired now.
Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)Excel & VBA ExpertCommented:
Can you summarize all your requirement again? I don't think that the codes are correct.
The code is designed to input a date in column L once you select any cell in column C. It's not a change event instead a selection change event.

Please make me correct if I am wrong in assuming your requirement.

1) You want a date to be placed in column L once you input a number in column C.
2) You want to hide the row if you input Completed in column AA (Final Status).

Is that correct?
Matt MaliAuthor Commented:
Thanks Neeraj

1) Yes.  The date to be stamped only once, when the data is entered first. Any changes made to the cell afterwards, in column C, should not change the date again, in column L.
 But to make this happen, after entering the number, I have to click the cell in column C again, to stamp the date.(Grateful, If you can make some adjustments so that a second click is not needed to register the date)

2) Yes.  Hide the row, if you input ''Completed'' in column AA (Final Status).

Both macros are working at the moment as my requirements. However, the problem starts if I select an entire row. As explained above,
when a row is selected, the sheet will fall in to calculation mode and it starts copying the date stamp to numerous cells, in the same row which is selected. I want to get rid of this annoying thing because it is corrupting the data in those cells. (Attached excel sheet has examples of this problem)

Not sure which macro is creating this problem.

Please make any changes to the existing macros to make it better

Hope I answered you correctly.
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Matt MaliAuthor Commented:
As always mate. You are a real guru..100 % working. thanks a ton
Matt MaliAuthor Commented:
You are a real maestro. Lucky I found this site
Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)Excel & VBA ExpertCommented:
You're welcome Matt! Glad it worked as desired.
Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it. :)
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