Unable to login to windows 8.1 pro using Microsoft connected account.

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Unable to login to windows 8.1 pro using Microsoft connected account.
User has somehow set up login to try and use email account as user name.
IE joe @xyz.com which is an Exchange service hosted on office 365.

I can login through the portal with user name and pass ,but the users computer says incorrect password when I try to login locally.

If I try to change pass in admin tools users ,it says The system is not authoritative for the specified account.
Any ideas?
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I am not sure what the user might have done to damage the ability to go backwards on the account.

Are you sure there is a local Administrator account?

If so, you should be able to reset this with Pogo Stick.

Make bootable USB key with this and then see if you can reset the password.
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"The system is not authoritative for the specified account" - that message appears for any Microsoft account, it does not mean anything is damaged. Why you cannot use it to logon, I don't know. If there is a need to get into that very account, you could transform it back into a local account - that is complicated, but manuals exist.

So let me know: do you really need that very account or would you also be ok to create a new account that can access the data of that account?
Here's the exact message I am getting.
Doesn't matter if it's admin tools or command line using net user
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That was clear before: it is a Microsoft account, you cannot change its password that way, but only as that user, when he's logged (which you are unable to right now) or change it online - that could be tried. Else, please answer my last question.
I ended up doing two things ,using a password changer from a 3rd party and somehow or other ,the user had created a M$ account with the same user name ,different pass(account.live.com).

The office portal was a different password although the user name was the same.
Customer some how set up a different account.

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