How to use Powershell

What is the use of Powershell on my desktop; how to use?
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Krzysztof KubiakWindows Server AdministratorCommented:
Automation. You can script a lot of stuff to automate. It is very handy, i also gives you a chance to learn a bit Coding, programming.

How to use and best method how to learn? Create yourself a task what you want to achieve for example script something which shows you Services, status of services or even restart services.

Script something to look something in Event viewer.

Find best free course which will suit you, but I thing best method to learn is that you script something you want to achieve.
Jose Gabriel Ortega CEE Solution Guide - CEO Faru Bonon ITCommented:
Well you have (Powershell ISE and Powershell)

How to use it?
Easy open Powershell ISE and then run "cmdlets" at the right
Search ISE after clicking Windows Icon.
Then you have commands at the right (see red rectangle)
the combination of this commands makes a script that can be run in the "powershell console" like: .\nameOfScript.ps1
It's akin to the old DOS shell, or any of the shells on Linux such as Bash or Ksh.

You enter commands directly, rather than plugging away with the mouse at the GUI, so faster, more accurate, and can be scripted, which means easier to document too.

Jose Gabriel Ortega CEE Solution Guide - CEO Faru Bonon ITCommented:
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