Issue in Windows Update

My server system file C:\Windows\system32\mshtml.dll seems to be not updated after i install patch
  - KB4089187 : Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer
  - KB4088875 : Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 Monthly Rollup

As per requirement the file version should be 11.0.9600.18953 where as my version is : 11.0.9600.18946
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Please share whether you have file version info from Microsoft and link it.
I saw that you asked the same on TechNet and there, you offer more details. Nessus told you so.

But where is the official documentation from Microsoft (that we should stick to), that says which file versions to expect? Please look it up.
bikash55Author Commented:
Thank you for the information.
Yes we have detection from nesus and i have asked on Microsoft too.

I have same OS running servers which has that correct version of mshtml.dll  11.0.9600.18953.
The operating system is Windows 2008 R2 Standard and Enterprise.

I have checked and downloaded file information's for KB 4089187 and 4088875 and i find that the file version of mshtml.dll on those document is the same 11.0.9600.18953.

i am not able to find those documents and still searching for that.
Could you help to figure out that if actually those needs to be changed
1st: make sure that the server with the old versions was restarted after updating. Do a restart.
Then, double check if the output of (powershell) get-hotfix is the same for both servers.
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bikash55Author Commented:

Yes i checked and confirmed that all servers are restarted when applying patched and also i did reboot. Both KB updates are installed with the command Get-HotFix
See if reinstalling these updates is allowed.
bikash55Author Commented:
Thank You McKnife,

There were some servers with pending march update whose file version C:\Windows\system32\mshtml.dll was 11.0.9600.18921 and after full update and reboot the file is still  11.0.9600.18946 version and not 11.0.9600.18953
Tiny TimCommented:
This seems to be a problem with the March version. February’s version is 18953 and one of my 2008 R2 servers patched last month has that updated version.

I just patched a different 2008 R2 Server with the March version and that shows 18946. So clearly there is a screw up by MS.
Good. But not necessarily a screw up. They are allowed to return to previous versions, it's just that Nessus thinks that should not be possible.
bikash55Author Commented:
How can we catch that the Nesus is not accurate.
I checked one Document that says that If the Product version matches what Nessus reports as the Remote version, the patch recommended by Microsoft was either not applied or applied incorrectly and this should be investigated by your Windows admin.

Is this statement true
McKnifeCommented: is the table with file version info for patch KB4089187 and it's as the author says: the expected file version of mshtml.dll after installing KB4089187 is 11.0.9600.18953 for internet explorer 11 on 2008 R2. Same for the 2nd patch.
What Tiny Tim has found out needs to be extended to cleanly installed servers. Take a test VM, cleanly install 2008R2 and then install that update and see. If you get different results (you will), contact Microsoft support - nothing else you can do.
bikash55Author Commented:
Thank you all.
The issue is resolved after installing April update.
The version is upgraded beyond 18953 and its working for windows 2008 and win7 too

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That's good. Please close the question now, by selecting your own comment as solution and (eventually) other solutions that you might have found helpful as assisted solutions.
bikash55Author Commented:
The issue seems to be resolved after applying April update.
This update updates the file C:\Windows\system32\mshtml.dll from version  11.0.9600.18946  to 11.0.9600.18978
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