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Admin Portal Notifications.

I am building a user admin portal. Part of that portal is a notifications section. What would be the best way to generate these notifications? I suspect some kind of service that runs periodically to create the notification and then store them away in a table?

Has anyone else done this kind of thing?
John Kininjjew
John Kininjjew
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Federico RuggieroSoftware EngineerCommented:
It depends on the nature of the notifications that you need (if the notification are needed in response to precise actions or are periodically sent to all the users).

In the 1st scenario, when an event occur you will generate 1 notification for each user on your system, which can be one row in a "notification" table for each userID on your system.
This table can have columns like  

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If you have hundreds of users and this system is slow you can generate these rows with a queue system (so that when something which can be notified occurs, you will add this to the queue system so that, in turn, it will notify all your users) .
Then when you load the user page you can lookup all the notification for your user id which are not marked as "read".

In the 2nd scenario, yes, there can be a service involved that periodically send notifications to all users with a mechanism similar to the other one, with a queue system.
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
I suspect some kind of service that runs periodically to create the notification and then store them away in a table?
Yes, create a Windows Service with something like Topshelf that does that part
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