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I have networking issues.  I messaged with Linksys and they had a technitian contact me.  The guy was super helpful in locating the error logs that showed I had networking errors back from November of last year that had simply compounded as I had added devices to my Linksys router.  Then he offered to restore / rebuild my network for $120.  I'm skeptical of a support call that turns into a cost/expense to fix problems and am most likely headed to Best Buy's Geek Squad instead.  In the meantime, is there anything like CCCLEANER for general repair and administration of a personal PC home network?

Thank you for your comments in advance.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
What is your actual issue?  Can you connect to the Internet from your PC?  Does that work?

Do you have a DSL or Cable Modem for Internet separate from your Linksys router?  If so connect your computer to the modem. Does that give you internet?
Bright01Author Commented:

Thanks for the quick response.  I got the Extender working after all by going through the Installation guide.  I don't have a problem now except for the fact that I would like to know if there is good networking SW or tooling to clean up networking errors.  my Linksys dashboard shows me what is working and what is offline....but it doesn't go into my windows configuration or error log files.

MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
CCleaner deletes errors (If event log etc are selected during clean), it does not resolve them.
Deleting data merely means you no longer see the issues.
Clearing data can help speeding up a system but it does not fix anything.
Same for registry cleaning. It clears old leftover empty data in the registry which can give a performance boost on old computers, but it can also cause the system to fail.

If you want your system fixed you will need to address the issue itself.
$120 is not a bad price for a company to re-configure your router & potentially extender provided they do not charge extra if they exceed x amount of time.
I would personally rather have a vendor check my router then a 3rd party unknown person from an online resource.

So in general if you see any tools claiming they fix stuff, you can ignore it, they are as likely to break things as they might resolve one coincidentally. They do not actively look for error combo's, match them up, and apply a likely set of solutions. They simply delete things :)

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my Linksys dashboard shows me what is working and what is offline....but it doesn't go into my windows configuration or error log files.
Because it's not designed to do that.

I don't have a problem now except for the fact that I would like to know if there is good networking SW or tooling to clean up networking errors.
The short answer is no. Networking issues can manifest themselves in a lot of different ways. Think of it like seeing a doctor when you're sick: symptoms can point to a number of things. While there are utilities that help with a number of things, there's certainly no true cure all software. (For slightly more detail on the programs that "cure" system issues, see the last part of Maclean's comment)

That money the Linksys rep offered (and I'm assuming that this is genuinely a Linksys rep) is a decent price, given what they'd have to look at.

Geek Squad's model would actually cost you even more. They send a Level 1 person to look at what's going on. If they cannot resolve, then have to send a Level 2 person. Numbers climb very fast. Very different than having a person who may actually know what they're doing in the first place.

I agree with both contributors about the would device that fixes problems for you.. they don't exist. there is stuff out there the can tell you where a potential problem is but not fix them.
we can probably save you some money if you tell us when the problem is.
<<why can't I edit my post>>
*both contributors about the whole device that fixes..
Bright01Author Commented:
Thank you for all the comments.  I actually fixed the network problem by reinstalling the Linksys device driver.  I know my network may not be completely clean, but it works now simply by reinstalling the SW.

Thanks again.

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