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Hello Expert,

Have a list of Employers who are governmental agencies.
Need to mark them 01 (Fed), 02 (state), 03 (Local)
04 (Indian nation)

Have got all 01, 02 and 04 marked. All blank are 02.
Need to write a formula like if blank write 02 if not blank do nothing


=IF(D90:D2946 = "","02")

This returns "...circular reference..."

Can this be done?


Allen in Dallas
Allen PittsBusiness analystAsked:
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NorieVBA ExpertCommented:

If the blanks are in a column try this.

1 Select the column.

2 Goto Find & Select>Go to Special and select Blanks.

3 In the formula bar type 02 and confirm with CTRL+ENTER.
Allen PittsBusiness analystAuthor Commented:
Works. Easier than writing formula. Thanks
Allen PittsBusiness analystAuthor Commented:
Sorting easier than writing formula.
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