Conversion failed when converting the varchar value

Getting Conversion error when using the following code.

Declare @BeginDate datetime
Declare @EndDate datetime
Set @BeginDate = '03/01/2018'
Set @EndDate = '03/31/2018'

Select Count(AA.OrderD), BB.Age

from Livedb.dbo.AccountMain      AA

left join Livedb.dbo.Sales_Main     BB
    on AA.OrderID.PatientID=BB.OrderID
      where isnull(AA.DateTime1,AA.DateTime2)   between @BeginDate and @EndDate
      group by BB.Age
      Having  BB.Age > 17

Getting the following error when I use HAVING clause (it works without) :

Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '0m 17d' to data type int.
Abdul KhanAsked:
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Data DudeCommented:
>Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '0m 17d' to data type int.
Curiosity overwhelms me ... what integer value would you expect?  17?   If yes, then you'll need a numeric column in order to perform a greater than > comparison, and the letters in '0m 17d' mean BB.Age is a character column, and you can't do characters greater then a number unless the characters are all numbers and SQL uses implicit conversion.

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Abdul KhanAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much, I should have paid more attention.
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