Allow multiple sessions from the same user on a Microsoft 2016 VDI environment on a Pooled Collection.

Allow multiple sessions from the same user on a Microsoft 2016 VDI environment on a Pooled Collection.

I am trying to setup a Windows Server 2016 VDI Setup. So far the setup looks good, and I have multiple Virtual Desktops created.
Now how ever, I am facing the issue that if I login from one computer with a user called demo, all is well, but when I open a second connection from another computer with the same user, the first computer is kicked out.

I have already set set the "Restrict Remote Desktop Services users to a single Remote Desktop Services session" to disabled and increased the "Limit number of conenctions" to 999999
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J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistAsked:
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you are connecting to desktop OS via pooled collection which allows only single session at a time, either RDP or console login
further you can't RDP those desktop OS with multiple sessions, that is limit of client OS
J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistAuthor Commented:
I have 10 desktops, why is session 2 not going to another virtual desktop?
It will not allow to use "two" sessions from same user, it is one session per user
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J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistAuthor Commented:
this is silly. There must be away to do this?
The Session style way of doing RD Services does support this. Why does pooled not support this?
This is because due to session broker, while connecting 2nd time, users are getting reconnected to previous pooled desktop or current live pooled desktop
otherwise session broker cannot manage connections for give n collection
What you can do, you can create multiple collections and then probably same user can connect to multiple desktops
session style hosts are server OS and does support multiple connections to single server instance, but here you have desktop clients as already stated and hence its not possible here
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Mahesh is absolutely correct on this. This is a limitation of choosing to do pooled connections to a client OS in a VDI scenario.  If VDI worked exactly like shared sessions on a server, there'd be no reason to ever do VDI (or conversely, ever do a session host.)   They tackle two different use cases and each has unique limitations.  You're hitting one of them for your deployment strategy.

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