Basic PowerShell Scripting

I am looking for some information online as to how to script using Windows PowerShell.  I am not a programmer and do not understand the syntax as to where all the symbols need to go in order to make scripts run correctly.  I need info that explains exactly how to do this as if you do not have programming experience.
RyanHelp DeskAsked:
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Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
This is highly rated:

Also, search for Don Jones PowerShell on YouTube.  He has 4+ hours videos for PowerShell training.
RobertSystem AdminCommented:
I would recomend you can sign up for a 10 day free trial and they have some good training plans around learning powershell. I found them a bit basic when i watched them but if your are just starting it is a good resource.
They are online cources so there are course materials ect you can download while you do the course.

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Systems AdministratorCommented:
Udemy has a 'Learning PowerShell' Course that is on sale for $10.99 today:

This article also provides a bunch of other resources that you may find useful:,2-1090.html
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do a search on YouTube for Powershell videos.  Include "introduction", "intro", "learn", or "learning" in your searches.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Hi Ryan,
There's some content right here at Experts Exchange that you may want to consider. First, a reasonably priced Course:

PowerShell: A Getting Started Guide for IT Admins

Next, a few no-cost articles:

Beginners Guide to Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE)

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Powershell

PowerShell: Where do I start?

Regards, Joe
Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroCEO Faru Bonon IT - EE Solution ExpertCommented:
Hi I started a blog a while ago to this purpose,

Check here.
RyanHelp DeskAuthor Commented:

Thank you,
I will look into it as well as other courses.  Looks like it may be worth paying for.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
You're welcome, Ryan, happy to help. As a matter of curiosity, did you mean to acknowledge just one comment as the only answer to your question, or were you confused by the new closing process in terms of selecting multiple comments as solutions? Regards, Joe
RyanHelp DeskAuthor Commented:
I was just looking for free info only so I gave another person a thumbs up.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
I was just looking for free info only
Hmmm, but the answer you selected does not have free info...simply has a short (10-day) free trial...while some of the other posts do provide free info. Anyway, that's not really my concern. I'm more interested in how folks are handling the new question-closing process, especially someone like you, who has been a member for more than 16 years and asked more than 120 questions. Regards, Joe
Jason CrawfordTransport NinjaCommented:
The only way you're going to learn how to script is by scripting.  It's actually really amazing what you can automate in your daily work life with just a few basic concepts like looping, variables, and working with the pipeline.  You may be a 3 note rock star for a while but so was Elvis.  If you love it like some of us do you'll start investigating more advanced methods and techniques on your own.  You can't cheat the grind so don't waste time watching and start doing.
RyanHelp DeskAuthor Commented:
I have written a few basic scripts to back up single files to multiple locations as I do not like automitic backup programs which backup everything:

$b = read-host "Input filename to backup"

copy-item "C:\My Documents\$b" -destination "E:\My Documents"

copy-item "C:\My Documents\$b" -destination "F:\My Documents"

copy-item "C:\My Documents\$b" -destination "C:\Users\rbweb\Google Drive\My Documents"

But this doesn't automate anything which is obviously the objective.  I am going to look into a kindle book next month which is cheap and which will help me out a lot I think.  I know PowerShell is very powerful and you can do a lot with it and I am looking forward to learning a lot more in the future.  Thank you to everyone on here for all your help.
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