Problem installing application on windows store

Windows Store on Windows 10  0x80240013 error.

When I try to install an app on windows store, it start but briefly say not possible with error code # 0x80240013.
The laptop I'm trying to install to is brand new, fulled update.
I have reset the windows store
I have admin right
UAC is active
Did the Windows trouble shooting
Tried about everything I found so far.
Nancy TherrienTI Tech and NetworkAsked:
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Nancy TherrienTI Tech and NetworkAuthor Commented:

I have reinitialize the computer and now it is working.  This is strange cause that was the original installation without anything else that update from Lenovo and Microsoft.

Thanks for your help !
Shimshey RosenbergSysAdminCommented:
Are you getting this error for any app you are trying to download? or it is only one app, if the second, please reply with which app you are trying to install.
Please take another user account and do right the same. Does it work there? (create a test user if there is no 2nd user, yet).
Nancy TherrienTI Tech and NetworkAuthor Commented:
Good Morning,

I have tried to installed application with an other user and still the same problem, can't install with error code 0x80240013.

I'm trying to install Dynamics CRM for Windows, Sketchable and RemoteDesktop

I'm log into a domain, but I don't have any GPO concerning the Store.
I also tried to log in local and still same result.  can't install anything.

Nancy TherrienTI Tech and NetworkAuthor Commented:
I have reset the computer, and it is working.  Thanks
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