PayPal and/or Square?

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PayPal and/or Square?

I have a merchant PayPal account and a PayPal card swiper. And I am about to start offering in-person tours where I want to accept cash-less payments.

I need to accept as many payment methods as possible, and hopefully turn away no one.

Can I use PayPal to process credit cards without requiring someone to log onto their PayPal account?

Does PayPal accept AMEX and Discover?

If I purchased the EMV Chip Reader from PayPal, is there any reason to use SQUARE?

On a second note...

Does SQUARE offer a lower discount rate than PayPal?

I would consider using both PayPal and SQUARE if they have complementing services.

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* Paypal is my go-to since you can also use their Web site and their Business Card if you need to do so.
* I have a lower rate with Square once I hit a certain dollar amount but it was never enough for me to make that switch as a permanent change.
* I find the dispute process is easier and more genuinie with PayPal.
* No reason to use Square if you have the PayPal chip reader.
* Yes to PayPal accepting Discover and Amex. PayPal is also accepted on many web sites for payments, whereas Square is not.
See this link : PayPal's web site showing accepted cards at the bottom
* As for logging in... hmm. I believe payPal has sub-accounts for business owners to use for their employees to log into as needed. These sub-accounts only allow the features you allow them to use.
 See this link to PayPal's site: PayPal sub-accounts for employees
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Thanks for these great answers.

I like the sub-account idea...

But is there any log-in required for the card-holder? Or do I simply process the payment and it goes into my account?

I did this once before, on a credit card transaction, but I forget if that person was required also to have a PayPal account.

This is a key question, since this would force me to Square, if I could only accept credid cards from PayPal users..

I dont know for certain but i believe they sign in once and they are perma-signed in on the App until signed out.

I dont actually know for certain though.
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