How to resolve SharePoint can't be accessed after changing the IP?

Dear EE experts,

We would like to ask on how to resolve this technical issue that we're facing right now, we have SharePoint running, then just last week we changed IP, our whole company, system's IP were all changed to our new IP range, then our SharePoint site can't be access now...
If this problem is because of Database connection, because our SQL Server is located on the other server, its IP address has been changed too, if this is the case, how can we access the site of the localhost, as we even can't access the localhost site of SharePoint...

Kindly advise what went wrong and how to fix this problem...

Thank you and hope to hear soon...
Stiebel EltronAsked:
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Jamie McAllister MVPConnect With a Mentor SharePoint ConsultantCommented:
OK, config wizard time. Steps below;


- You can run the SharePoint Configuration Wizards on the Sharepoint sever,
- Dissconnect from the current farm,
- Run the SharePoint Configuration Wizards again,
- Choose to Connect to the current Farm
- Write your DB server name, and choose your configuration DB
- Finish the Wizard
Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
Has the DNS records for the SP URL been updated?
Can you remote to the SharePoint servers via Remote Desktop?
Were any IP addresses used in AAM?

Check the servers are in a functioning state first through remoting to them. That will begin to give the answers.
Stiebel EltronAuthor Commented:
Hi there Mr. Jamie! Thanks for your response...

We can remote the SP server, and even the SQL Server.
However, it seems that there's something blocking to re-connect the SP to its SQL DB...
I forgot to get the log, hope the log is still there...
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Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
Please get me the messages you're seeing.
Stiebel EltronAuthor Commented:
Please see the attached file for the log file from MOSS 2007...
Stiebel EltronAuthor Commented:
Additional to your advised solution Mr. Jamie, we found out the hosts file and IP inside are not the updated one... so we need to change and re-run the SP Configuration.
But for now, we'll reward you points and hope to hear again to our next thread, soon...

Thank you!
Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
Additional note here:

Jamie suggested to use the configuration wizard to disconnect from the farm and then reconnect to the farm. In a different post I said don't use the wizard, but instead fix your connectivity issue and once you are connected to the SQL server you will be returned to normal without using the configuration wizard.

What we said seems to contradict each other, but actually both approaches are correct. What Jamie describes is a very good way to recover from an event like you had so follow his great advice without hesitation. My thinking is that the only you have is connectivity so all you have to do is connect once again and you will be up and running again. That may happen.

In any case, good luck and hope you are back on line soon...
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