Powershell script to find name of group which server is part of

There are close to 15 security groups which start with "XY_*". I have couple of windows server in a CSV file and each server is member of 1 group out of those 15 groups. I need to find which server is member of which group and it's name.

can someone help me with a powershell script?

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Assumes the csv has a header line and a column "Name":
$prefix = 'XY_'
Import-Module ActiveDirectory
Import-Csv -Path C:\Temp\computers.csv | ForEach-Object {
	$computer = $_.Name
	Get-ADComputer -Identity $computer -Property memberOf |
		Select-Object -ExpandProperty memberOf |
		Where-Object {$_ -match "^CN=(?<Group>$($prefix).*?),(CN|DC|OU)="} |
		Select-Object @{n='ComputerName'; e={$computer}}, @{n='Group'; e={$Matches['Group']}}
} | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -Path C:\Temp\computergroups.csv

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P SAuthor Commented:
Thanks oBdA. as usual you've been very helpful and script worked perfectly. Just need a small favour, would you mind explaining the regex you used and also if there is any web page that can explain the powershell regex would be very useful.

Thanks again
^CN= - match "CN=" at the beginning of the string (^)
(?<Group> - open a named group 'Group'
$($prefix).*? - match anything .* non-greedy (shortest match possible), starting with the prefix selected ...
) - [close the named group - $Matches['Group'] will contain the actual group name extracted from the DN]
,(CN|DC|OU)=" - ... until a comma followed by either CN, or DC, or OU, and an = sign.

There are hundreds of websites explaining regular expressions; they're not limited to PowerShell. There may be slight differences for the more complex constructs, but the basics apply to most of the languages that have RegEx support (just don't use findstr.exe - its RegEx support is just horrible ...)
Regular Expression Language - Quick Reference
P SAuthor Commented:
Thanks obDA. you're the best.
P SAuthor Commented:
ObDA gave a perfect script. please close this question
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