Powershell Scripting Issue with CSV file data

Powershell script to get a column from a CSV and append\add it as 7th column to and existing CSV with 6 existing columns
Specific Get Status Colum from PingStatus.csv and Add it to DRPing.csv. Even if we have to Import both and Export all the objects to a new csv. Whatever works
Carmine BrunoAsked:
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I would be helpful if you posted representative samples of the input and output files
Carmine BrunoAuthor Commented:
I uploaded and embedded with question  I will Re attach here
Sorry.  I missed it.  Usually the attachment links follow the question text.
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append\add it as 7th column
DRPing.csv has these eight columns:

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I see the Status column and assume the host values are used to join the two tables.  Correct?
Carmine BrunoAuthor Commented:
Adding Status and its results to the end of the DRPing.csv as a new column would be sufficient. Thanks.
With the 478 records, this performed well.  If your files are huge, then we can explore a more efficient script.  Also, there's a join-object routine, in the public domain, that might be helpful.
$drp = Import-Csv drping.csv  #| sort -Property host
$ping = import-csv pingstatus.csv #| sort -Property host
$drp | % -Process{
         $idx = $ping.host.IndexOf($_.host) 
         $out = $_.psobject.Copy()
         if ($idx -eq -1){
            $out | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "status" -Value "MISSING" #or $null
            $out | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "status" -Value $ping[$idx].status
         } | Export-Csv PingWithStatus.csv -NoTypeInformation

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Carmine BrunoAuthor Commented:
Will test it Out Thank Yopu so much !!!!
Carmine BrunoAuthor Commented:
Worked perfectly. Lined up with Host. Nice Job !!!
Carmine BrunoAuthor Commented:
Wonderful Powershell Script to Merge and Append CSV using a mutual column as a Joining point.
I was playing with the data and discovered that you have duplicate host values in both the DRPing and the PingStatus files.  This can cause erroneous output, since there isn't a way to differentiate which records should be matched (with absolute certainty).
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