Need a staff notification system that is smartphone app based if possible

Specific to healthcare and the privacy issues associated with it, I am looking for an app that can notify a therapist that a patient has arrived for an appointment, has canceled or will be delayed.  Ideally, there would be a smartphone app for therapists and a web front end for the receptionist to use to send out pre-set messages like "Patient has arrived."  No protected health information will be transmitted, just generic notifications for "patient."  I want to avoid using SMS if I can.  Does anyone have experience with any notification systems like this?  I am just dealing with a single receptionist and a group of 6 therapists.  Any inexpensive and proven solution is welcome.
Steve BantzIT ManagerAsked:
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The receptionist may have a whatapp web with a dedicated ID for notification.

He/She will have all the therapists on that account (and maybe ONLY the therapists) and send a whatapp message to the therapist if needed.
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
You can use Slack and do some automation with IFTTT
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