Is there a max size for an exchange folder ?

We are moving from POP to  .pst  to exchange

I noticed one user has a 15 gig .pst file

Is there a max exchange 365 size ?

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Mark BillExchange, AD, SQL, VMware, HPE, 3PAR, FUD, Anti MS Tekhnet, Pro EE, #1Commented:
Personally given what I have seen I would not allow people more than 10 - 15GB, so many user issues are reported after this point.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
O365 mailbox is 50GB and depending on your license it can be 100GB.
Yasin ErdoganIntegration Engineer and Software Development EngineerCommented:
Here is the Storage limits across Office 365 options;

Storage limits across Office 365 options
You can get more information about other limits at Exchange Online Limits
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Mark BillExchange, AD, SQL, VMware, HPE, 3PAR, FUD, Anti MS Tekhnet, Pro EE, #1Commented:
Thanks just to explain my comment a bit further, I know you can have "unlimited mailbox sizes" and whatnot theoretically these days but that is just ludicrous advice from an IT administration point of view, you will have CEO's down at your desk crying when they search they cannot do anything on their computers or find any mail.
feck1Author Commented:
So once behind 10 - 15 gig the entire pc / outlook  crawls and crashes ?

Is there a way to just down load the headers and then when clicked it downloads the rest in outlook ?

I’m only getting used to using exchange and thought it would be way more stable and capable of holding 20 + gif of emails
Mark BillExchange, AD, SQL, VMware, HPE, 3PAR, FUD, Anti MS Tekhnet, Pro EE, #1Commented:
it depends on so many variables from server setup to client setup it is kind of open ended and a ever changing question.

I had a big 2013 setup latest patches, good BPA, solid setup, very very fast SAN, faster SAN most likely than any of you due to an insurance claim we had.  and guys 20GB+ were crawling. They had very high spec PCs, the network was super fast with no bottlenecks and 10GB interconnects.

I have just seen it cause so many problems. What is your enviroment?
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