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We have to setup and IT infrastructure highly secured,  at head office application servers will be hosted and these applications are web-based this will be accessed from the remote branch office, please suggest is mpls hub and spoke OR IP-sec VPN login setup is recommended network and data security is to be highly secured, please suggest OR you may suggest some other option also, thanks in advance
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nociConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
IPSEC is encrypted, MPLS might (not) be depending on setup.
So IMHO IPSEC LAN/LAN between offices & DC.
If it needs to be highly secured you may need special precautions in the DC to only allow acces to authorized personnel to the cabinets.
(Standard locks are not very good).
Sajid Shaik MConnect With a Mentor Sr. System AdminCommented:
if you have hosted applications then you are having security concirns... then create DMZ and put webservers on DMZ ... in this scenario servers behind the lan with certain ports allowed firewall and above that DMZ and again a firewall external ip face...

this scenario you can make the secured hosted application

about the IP SEC or MPLS ... its depending upon you the connectiovity ... which is easy to access, speed and budget so you can decide..

all the best
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
thanks for the reply,  this web based applications are used only from remote site no access to anyone,  we can manage IT security budget but looking for best network design
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