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DFS Replication issue

DFS Replcation Issue..

I am facing DFS Replication issue in my domain environment.. here are my Domain Details   DC - Win 2016 Std, ADCs - Win 2012 Std & Win 2016 Std .
Please see attached error I am getting while I run   DFS replication health report.

Please suggest me.

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Attachment is missing

Can you check dfsr event logs on dcs
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Vijay Kumar Gajula


Thanks for responding. Please see attached one.

So all DC's in report are 2016 dcs?
If yes, i guess sysvol is not replicated on those dcs
Can you run "net share" command on each problematic dc and ensure sysvol and net logon folders are shared or not
On PDC master and on one of the problematic dc pl run dcdiag /v from elevated command prompt and post output here
Thanks for the reply, DC & One ADC is 2016std and other ADC is 2012 td. I can able to see netlogon & sysvol folders in all the servers.
Few months back we have transferred the FSMO Roles from Win 2012 to Win 2016 DC. and migrated to DFS.. Few months it worked well and facing sync now a days..
Please see attached reports for your reference and let me know do you need more on this.

OK you have advertising issue on 2012 server
Rest two servers are OK
As far as I see, there is problem with DFSR replication only across all 3 servers

can you post output of below command from elevated prompt on PDC to finalize our next action plan ?

dfsrmig /GetGlobalState
Thanks for the prompt response.
I have advertising issue in all 3 servers... NETLOGON & SYSVOL is not getting reflected in all 3 servers. Earlier there were but not now.
Please see attached screenshot of DFSR Global State
Please let me know if need more information.

Are you able to locate contents of sysvol folder on all servers, or they are also missing? in that case chapter will be getting totally different, let me know.

If contents are available and only sysvol and netlogon shares are vanished, follow below process
you need to 1st do DFSR sysvol authoritative restore on server holding PDC master (Venus if I am not wrong)
After that you need to do DFSR sysvol non authoritative restore on other ADC servers
Please follow steps carefully as outlined in mine article below

If you find article useful, please endorse it.
Thanks for the reply.
I can able to see SYSVOL & NETLOGON in all the servers, but the content is different is in all three servers. They synced each other long back and now they are not synced...
Only this part is missing other than that other services are working in all the servers.
In this case can i do as aid above or do we have any other alternative way for that?
If contents have difference, then still you can follow procedure mentioned above, no other alternative is required.
Only thing check if how many policies you have in GPMC and how many folders you have corresponding to those GPO in sysvol / policies folder on each server
One GPO should resemble to one folder under policies
Folder under policies looks like GUID of GPO
The server where you get GPO and Folder count same, transfer your PDC master role to that server, force AD replication by running "repadmin /Syncall" command on all servers from elevated prompt, then run "netdom query fsmo" on all servers and ensure that output is same on all DCs
Now you can use procedure mentioned earlier to rebuild sysvol
Thanks It Worked for me. Thanks a lot Mahesh.
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yes it resolved by following your article...
Sir, can you please endorse the article .....