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Why are the old images showing up on our webserver?

Greetings!  I'm having a hard time figuring out why the images stored on our webserver hosted by NetSol
are showing differently to others on the internet v.s. us, unless we clear our browser cache on our computers.
The images shouldn't be different because we are accessing the webserver hosted by NetSol
just like anyone else across the internet.

And, this is how it is behaving in detail. When others on the web are viewing our website,
the old image is shown to them, but when we are viewing our website from our computers at work,
the new image is shown to us. And I can confirm that others on the web are seeing the old image because
when I access our website using my cell phone via 4G network, I can see the old image just like them.

Our Web Designer says he uses "layers" for images instead of replacing the old photo with the new photo in Adobe Muse
when he updates the images on our website.

Thank you for your time and assistance.
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Julian Hansen
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Links would be a great help with a question like this.
unless we clear our browser cache on our computers
That is usually the key.  This is a well known problem with all browsers.  They 'cache' content so they can load it locally instead of from the server in order to speed up page loading.  Once it is cached in a browser, it will show that content until the cache expires.  Except for clearing the cache or forcing a reload from the server, there is nothing you can do about it.  You are not allowed to force changes in a user's browser.
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Lucas Bishop
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Lucas,   We believe one of the two scenarios you gave was what happened in our case regarding people seeing our webpage differently.
Thank you!

"Maybe you viewed the new version of the site at your office (which cached the new images in your browser), then your developer accidentally published an old version afterwards."

"Maybe there is a script that is loading the new images correctly in your browser (ex. Chrome), but in other browsers (ex. Safari) the script fails to load and a fallback image is used instead."