Laptop restarts while Sleep

So I noticed MS automatic updates keep updating even if laptop is in Sleep.  I put laptop Sleep every night.  Few times I found it restarted in the morning waiting for my login.
Does it mean Auto-updates work even in Sleep position or were they downloaded with laptop was on and restarting while asleep overnight?
How to prevent this in the future?
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Qian BaoDigital Media Specialist and Web DesignerCommented:
The computer won't download anything when sleeping. However, it will wake-up at a predetermined time to apply downloaded updates. Hibernation will not do the same.
Tiras25Author Commented:
Got it.  Anyway put it to sleep but prevent restarting?
Qian BaoDigital Media Specialist and Web DesignerCommented:
You can do that by disabling Windows Update Power Management. Check the tutorials here.
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