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I've just bought my first Kindle. I've read through the instruction book that comes loaded on it, however I have 3 questions:

01 - I plan to highlight various areas of books and make a lot of notes about various things in books, so that i can get back to them at a later stage... is it possible to sync these notes and highlights to an online account so that if i lose my Kindle or change to a new one, i don't lose my highlights and notes?

02 - When i turn off the Kindle, i still see an image on the screen... is there a better way to turn it off that just pressing the ON / OFF button once?

03 - How can I favourite books that I like on Amazon (web / desktop), and get them to appear on my Kindle?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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I'm fairly sure that your books are stored on your kindle/amazon account and any notes or highlights are stored there (this is how you can have a book loaded on your kindle and continue reading it on your kindle app on your smartphone and when you get home to the kindle, it's where you left off on the phone). You could email from your kindle your notes to yourself if you needed to.

The image on the screen is normal. Unlike your smartphone, the kindle uses very little power, and a single full charge will last for weeks.

The books you buy on your amazon account are available for you to download on your kindle you just tell amazon where to direct them.
Oh and any books you have already bought will automatically synch with your kindle when your register the kindle on your amazon account
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Thank you
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