Change which account is presented at login to Windows 10

After rebooting, Windows 10 is presenting the user with the wrong login account. It looks like her domain account, has the right name displayed, but no domain, just her login name and password box. When she completes the login, she gets in, but has no access to network devices. It looks like Windows is using her email address rather than her domain account. I have logged in with a local account and deleted her domain account, rebooted, and added her domain account back in and the behavior was the same. It's like her email account and the domain account are intertwined. The machine is a member of our domain and her domain account is in the administrator's group. If "Other User" is selected the user name and password are entered, the domain name is also displayed, and the login is successful and she has access to network resources, specifically, mapped network drives. With the other account, the mapped network drives have that big old red x. So here is the issue. How do I configure Windows 10 to display the domain account as the default, and not this email account?
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can link/unlink mail accounts (let's call them "microsoft accounts") and domain accounts. Please look at this thread where that is done.
fhcdaverpresidentAuthor Commented:
I was hoping for an edit to the registry as I had already removed the account. However, removing it the way Deason Wu suggests in the link McKnife posted, was successful this time, so thank you both.
I think the real issue was how the account was removed, because the way I did it caused the problem. I assumed you could not remove an account if you were logged in using that account. What can I say, I'm old school. So, I used a local account, which, when on the Accounts Settings page, was listed in My Info. Not wanting to remove my local account, I clicked on the Other Users tab and removed the domain account from the  work / school list. As I now know, this did not fully remove the account. When I added the domain account back in, the troublesome email account had re- attached itself. The second time, after reading the post, I logged in using the domain account and stayed on the My Info tab and removed the account. This removed it from My Info, and from work / school on the Other User tab. Now, with the account properly removed, both the email and domain accounts were gone. I rebooted, logged in with the local account, and added the domain account back in. The email account was not attached and the default login was the domain account. So problem solved, thanks again.
Fine. Now please close the question.
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