Hub Spoke Topology Slow Replication

We have recently changed out Windows 2012 R2 replication structure from the default mesh topology to a hub-spoke set as we have taken on more organizations. The hub consist of one of DC's with all FSMO roles another another one as backup. Another site has all other DC's which are onsite. We have notice that AD changes are slowly to replicate then they used to be and believe this is because the replicatin interval is set at 15 minutes. Is there any harm in reducing this to 5 or less? Any other recommendations are welcome.
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Bill HerdeConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
I don't think it will allow you to do so.  I had a similar issue across three sites and I believe I recall the minimum setting was 15 minutes.
I did find that I could schedule a task to run a batch file every 5 minutes to force a sync, and it appears to have fairly low overhead for my domain.  (actual mileage may vary.)

Command to run is

repadmin /syncall /Aed

Try it and see if you like it.
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