Solar winds Orion issues


I am running an issue with our Solarwinds Orion server not producing any reports and values showing 0 for CPU and Memory usage for even weekly report. This issue started ever since we migrated from 2012 server to 2016 server. The database was simply moved to the new server. We are on VMware 5.5 environment.

Upon checking more, some nodes were showing not managed so I went ahead and enabled the hosts as managed nodes. Now the host is enabled for VMware VCS polling auth but the windows servers within the hosts need VCS polling authentication.  For these windows machines I tried checking the box where it says VCS auth and input VMware root credentials for the host but it kept failing with message invalid auth. I am sure that I am entering right credentials.

- The reports are showing 0%, we checked a sample node and I found out that there is no data in the database (VMStatistics table)
- I went to the web console and checked the vmware polling, found out that the guest is not managed in Orion

- To get the data collection working, I need to enable VMware polling for the nodes

Does the windows nodes within VMware host also require VCS polling authentications ?

Sorry I am new to solar winds and can use some help.

Thanks in advance.
Nick PerksIT DirectorAsked:
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Leon AdatoHead GeekCommented:
VMware access is only needed for the hosts, not the VM's. The VMs are treated like regular servers - using with SNMP credentials or windows authentication if you're polling via WMI.

A good way to dig into what's going on is to manually try to poll the node.
  1. Go to the node details page for one of the VMs
  2. Look for the "list resources" link and click it (you need to have "Allow node management" or "admin" user permission to see this)
  3. Click it
  4. It will spin for a bit and then list out interfaces, disks, etc.
  5. If it CAN'T, you'll get an error and will have to work the problem from there.

Can you clarify a point for me: Did you move the database from 2012 to 2016, the polling engine, or both (including if the database and the polling engine are on the same server). If that's the case, it MAY be that the new server somehow doesn't have the same access as the old one did. that could be firewall or it could be some kind of account limitation.

Just a thought.
Nick PerksIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I am working on it and will report back on my finding in few days.

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