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Very little experience with MS PowerPoint.  I need a fancy presentation to wow the bosses.  Need some graphics for my slide:  some illustration of a computer system, and illustration of software package.

I manage about 24 computer systems environments and need to know which computer systems any of have the (3) expensive software packages installed.  Example: ( and Yes Computers are named after Ski Resorts )

System                        Package A            Package B            Package C

Bear Valley
Jackson Hole
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Jamie GarrochSenior Technical Consultant at BrightCarbon

If I understand your needs correctly, you are seeking an experienced presentation design professional to develop jaw-dropping slide content for you. If this is the case, you may receive a higher level of response by posting your requirements as a paid-for gig.


Looking for a single slide, not a full presentation.
consider using excel to place all the data and using the built in Graph function

copy the graph from excel to powerpoint!
Jamie GarrochSenior Technical Consultant at BrightCarbon

If you're looking for a pre-designed slide/template, check out resources such as these:

And many many more...

If you're looking for someone to design a custom slide, you're better off setting it up as a paid-for Live project (ignore my earlier suggestion of a Gig as EE have discontinued this service).
From the very brief description of what your presentation will comprise, I am finding it very difficult to imagine creating a fancy presentation that will wow anybody.   It seems to be such a dismally boring topic that even animated snow floating gently down the slides and skiiers slithering past your images and / or graphs is just going to detract from what essentially seems as though it will be nothing more than a bunch of computer names and numbers.

A PowerPoint presentation is rarely viewed entirely on its own without verbal narrative from the presenter.  It should, in fact, only be a visual support tool for a verbal presentation rather than the opposite way around.  On the basis of this, you need to first work out a spoken presentation and figure out what visual support would be best to embellish and enhance the verbal dialogue at specific points as you progress through it.  Once you have the general structure of verbal and visual elements you can start fine-tuning your cues to advance the slides.  If you want the slides to auto-advance you need to use the "rehearse timings" function and even go as far as recording your spoken presentation so that you can have the slides moving forward at preset timed intervals.  If this isn't rehearsed accurately your presentation could end up like an out of control ski lift in Gudauri resort in the Caucasus Mountain Range, Georgia, with you dangling precariously and terrified.  It is much easier to set up your slides to advance manually only when you are ready by pressing the enter key or a remote control button.

I am still wondering how you can possibly make a list of computers that have certain software installed on them into an interesting enough subject that is even worth creating a powerpoint slideshow to show.  You could just as easily draw a chart on a flip-chart or whiteboard.

I assume you already know how to get a list of the computers and installed software using a management tool or script?

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