involuntary scrolling-touchscreen laptop

Dear experts,

I have purchased a new touchscreen laptop HP Pavilion.

While working on the notepad I have seen that the screen moves upwards without me scrolling. What i mean is I observe this scrolling when I rest my wrist and palm on the screen to begin writing.

How do I ensure it does not scroll involuntarily. Can i lock it?

In the attached video I have simulated my experience through voluntary scrolling. My issue is it scrolls when i just rest my palm and when there is no scrolling.

Kindly guide.

Thank you
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It's the closest you can get to what you want, even though it's not exactly what you want.
That's because technology is not advanced enough yet to know what touches you meant to do or didn't mean to do.
For a touchpad it's a bit easier, but slightly different technology and purpose.
Depends on the hardware, if it uses a 2nd technology for the pen or not. Since it's an active pen, I hope for you it does. In Device Manager under Human Interface Devices, disable the touch screen. Test it with your fingers. Now pray to God the pen DOES work. If not, I don't think it's possible what you want. Usually people adopt a style where you float your hand above the screen while writing/using the pen.
ExcellearnerAuthor Commented:
Hi Kimputer,

Thank you.

When disabled touched screen-my pen worked (sreen responded) but my actions using my finger did not have any response in the computer.

Now please suggest me alternatives for the electroni pen.

Thank you
Please note I've seen some professional animators on YouTube lately. They wear some type of "half glove", which you can either search on Google, or make it yourself. But a thin glove which you tested before that doesn't interact with the touch screen. Then cut of half, leaving the sides touching the screen intact (Last 2 fingers). Don't cut away too low, the glove must still "work", so the wrist part must be intact.
Search YouTube for ms paint vs paint 3d by Jazza if you want to see the glove.
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