HP Touch screen - pen

Dear experts,

I bought a new laptop HP Pavilion Touch screen.

The manufacturer has given me the pen shown in the attached photo.

Do i have options to go for any higher version of pen which gives more utility.

Where can i purchase the nibs?

Kindly guide.
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KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I suggest you buy normal alkaline batteries first (those are available at Amazon.in). That's because I suspect that your rechargeable battery (or charger) isn't functioning properly.
Also, there aren't many rechargeable pens, as normally, batteries last a year or so during normal use cycles.
A pen works, or doesn't work. It doesn't give you more utilities, that's all software.

Seems no spare nibs are available for purchase (but if you use it normally, it shouldn't need replacements in its full lifetime)
ExcellearnerAuthor Commented:

The manufacturer's pen had 1 AAAA battery. It go discharged in one day.

Now, the AAAA rechargeable are not available in india (Amazon.in-I could not locate it).

If I want to purchase a rechargeable pen, can you suggest a few which are compatible for my HP touchscreen.
thank you
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