Function graphs and plotting table

Dear experts,

I have learnt about GeoGebra app while learning about One note from one of the Youtube videos.

I have tried it and i see that produces good charts. But it does not the values used in the x variable to calculate the Y value.

In the attached screen dump I have shown the table calculated by me. the function graph has been copy[-pasted from Geogebra.

CAn you someone please guide me to a app/url which plot the function and shows the table.

Thank you
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Bill PrewCommented:
Not sure exactly what you are after, there are a few sentences that seem to be missing words, or unclear in your question.

If you just want a way to plot a set of points to a graph then Excel can do that.  See attached file that was quick to create, and captured image of the result below.

ExcellearnerAuthor Commented:

Thank you.

I will make sure I proof read my questions from next time. Apologies and thank you
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