exchange 2010 migration to 2016 with archived mailboxes

Dear Experts

My question about upgrade exchange 2010 sp3 to exchange 2016

But I have some sort of question mark about one scenario

In our case, we have mailboxes which they have the (( Mailbox Archive enabled ))

That means every mailbox located in tow databases the original database and the Archive databases

Plus we have DAG configured

I think all databases normal or for archiving from exchange perspective it just a databases

But my question after I finish the exchange 2010 and 2016 coexistence configuration and I want to start mailboxes migration

How the mailbox itself and his archived data with his policy will be migrated to a new server

What I have to configure and prepare to make the migration work probably and the end user will not lose or suffering anything

Note : we are using the builtin exchange arching feature

Kindly advice
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Sandeep KumarConnect With a Mentor Associate ConsultantCommented:
Yes, there are some manual methods also available.

Check where you find the steps to Migrate Exchange 2010 mailboxes to Exchange 2016 with the help of the Exchange Admin Center.

If you have any issue with migration, feel free to ask me!!
Sandeep KumarAssociate ConsultantCommented:
Use Kernel Migrator for Exchange software to migrate Exchange 2010 sp3 to Exchange 2016. It can migrate all database, which is as you are referring Original & Archive with advanced filter options. It migrates mailboxes, rules, permission of folders, Outlook profiles, etc. The pre-migration function allows you to estimate the time taken for complete migration from an Exchange server. To know more about Exchange Migration tool, visit:
sword12Author Commented:
thank you for this answer i know about this tool but it is expensive

i am asking about built-in tools or procedure that i can migrate the user mailbox

maybe i can use local or remote move request function but my question if this move will inculde automatically the archiving data for every mailbox i move ?
Annie RoseTech LeadCommented:
Check this article for exchange server 2010 to exchange server 2016 by using Exchange Admin Center:

Here Exchange Deployment Assistant you can find the exact step-by-step instructions with a distinct checklist:

Another option is pst migration, for this try some solutions like; Shoviv and CodeTwo to migrate easily between exchange server.
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