Online backup solution for SBS 2008

Hi there,
i'm looking for a cloud based backup solution for an SBS 2008 that doesn't cost a fortune. I've shopped around but was getting quotes of €400 a month for 2TB storage. I can get 2TB for client pcs for €40 a year so am hoping there's something similar for SBS 2008.
Thanks in advance for the help.
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Arkel ThompsonConnect With a Mentor I.T Technician/FounderCommented:
Good day,
                   You can check out Backblaze and use Cloudberry for managing the storage.
DahoeAuthor Commented:
That looks good thanks, will have a deeper look into it when i get a chance.
DahoeAuthor Commented:
I contacted Cloudberry to be sure that it will work on SBS 2011 & they replied to say it will so this looks exactly what i was looking for, many thanks.
Arkel ThompsonI.T Technician/FounderCommented:
Great, good to hear, most welcome.
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