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Shared Content Between IIS Servers

Hi folks, I'm looking for some best practices for a project that I'm working on.

Lets say we have webserver A and webserver B and both have an identical set of pages that represent a site. The two IIS servers are load balanced so incoming requests get sent to either one.

User hits the site and then does something that triggers a download or upload of a file that is temporarily stored on the IIS server in a work area for X duration. All of the IIS servers need to access the same "work area" because if the next request puts the user on webserver B, the data in the work area won't be present anymore.

Is the best way to address this situation to simply have a virtual folder that points to a common networked UNC on all the webservers so the data in that area will always be consistent?

It would seem to me that this would be the only way to accomplish this, but I'd love to hear if there was a better/slicker solution to this. Thanks!
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